We prefer to use our lights due to the fact that we know exactly how they work. We know they will be in working condition and we try our best to give you a maintenance-free installation. Our material is industrial grade thus, it is more dependable and stronger than store bought. In addition, our lights allow us to customize to the exact size of your home or project for a clean tailored installation. Now if you really want us to use your lights we can definitely accommodate but you would need to make sure they are in full working condition, you also need to be sure to have extra material in case something is faulty and maintenance is charged at a minimum of $50 per hour/per visit.

We can connect a max of 3 props for you with the price of installation. Props need to be pre-assembled or we can assemble for a small fee. Your props will be installed in a separate connection so extensions should be available for them as we do not connect props directly to our lights. Maintenance of them if needed is charged at a minimum of $50 per hour/per visit.

Yes, for your security and ours we are both licensed and insured.

The minimum SERVICE we accept is $300 which includes material, installation, maintenance and removal. Fees depend on the size of your home and complexity of installation.

We specialize in outdoor lighting. We can light up your roof line, dormers, outline windows, wrap trees from small trees to large oak trees and palm trees. We can place lights on pathways, fences and much more as long as we have working power source and accessibility.

No, unfortunately, we are not designers but we will gladly work alongside your designer and take care of the installation portion.

Unfortunately, we are not trained electricians and you would need to make sure it is in working condition prior to installation